Playing with a Pomodoro!

Something later becomes NEVER

It’s a new year eve, I sitting on bed pondering over a piece of paper with ample of goals. Sitting, thinking and reflecting wish this new year won’t bring those adversities and challenges that were faced in 2020. 2020 is of-course a year we will never forget, same goes to me this year changed me into a different being. It changed me inside out.

Being a normal human I’m struggling with mental health. I’m victim of over thinking and i’m more engrossed in future rather in a present moment. My therapist suggested me to practice a tool called ‘‘bracketing off unwanted thoughts’’ to perform my task more easily and wholly focused.

I began to add on this tool to enhance my concentration on work initially it was difficult to keep away my thoughts but keep on practicing this thing made me pro at this tool.

I plotted my daily to do list and observed i have a deadline to meet. Ahhhh my mind sounded like this. DEADLINEEE, Panic monster :@…

So, i practiced RELAX, RELAX and RELAX. it will get over steadily. I decided to follow tool Pomodoro to perform Amal’s course superhero resume.

So, i set up a timer for 25 minutes four times with break for 10 minutes. Putting a timer assisted more to complete my task efficiently and avoiding distractions. It assisted me to avoid thoughts overshadowing my work concentration and gave 100 pc to my work. It helped me to achieve my goals in a smart way.

Yes, i m intended to add this pomodoro activity in my daily task. I will employ this activity to achieve my most challenging tasks in a dedicated way. I will reduce fatigue and proficiency of my work. It will also assist me to achieve my tasks in multitasking and meanwhile avoiding fatigue and mental stress. Multitasking void us of mental energy to give 100 percent to our work and decrease quality of work and targets our performance.